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January 13, 2007


Wim Andrea

Robert, commercials as content in a tv-programme has earlier proven to be good content. Shows on/about commercials are mainly fun to watch. Because you CHOOSE to watch! Normally however, TVC's are interruptions of the things people CHOOSE to watch. So, the only thing this proves is that the same content can in fact be experienced differently (due to context). And: advertising dead? You silly doubter!


I think that your comment is just what needs to be added to my post. Especially in these days. I couldn't agree more. Although the point I wanted to make here is that not only overload and the increasing ability to escape has lead to people running away from intrusive ads. I think that the rubish nature of most ads have speed-up that process. To put it bluntly: there is good and bad advertising. And you are right: the choice you make as to how and when you present your story is of crucial importance.

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