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January 05, 2007


Baris Ozaydinli

The prediction that advertising is dead or old school is old school itself. When Sergio Zyman first started nailing the coffin years ago with his book "The End of Marketing As We Know", it was sort of fresh. When he wrote the second book "The End of Advertising As We Know", it was predictable and purely commercial. No need to be a futurist or trend savvy writer, the so called traditional media, therefore advertising is virtually fading. Since everything is becoming digital, available 24/7, accessible, more democratic and mobile, there is less and less room for traditional anything. However, most of the principles of how to reach and attract customers are the same. So I guess, it is safe to say that the media is changing and how we consume media is changing even faster. Therefore, it is only a matter of adaptation. Films are still huge, people still love comedies and soap operas, we still like to know what's going on around the world etc. How to make money out of these new digitized media is the challenge. Once that puzzle is solved than advertising adapted to these kinds of media would prevail. The traditional commision based money making model and who makes the money would definitely change. Can we say that, this newly adapted ways of advertising are "fresh" or is it brain surgery, I hardly think so.

I liked the spotzer example though.

All the best.

Baris Ozaydinli
Brand It


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